Housing vouchers ending for Hurricane Michael survivors

Hurricane Michael aftermath / Photo: ZUMA Press / (MGN)
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(AP) -- Hundreds of residents in the county hardest hit by Hurricane Michael are losing housing vouchers that allowed them to stay at hotels in the aftermath of the Category 4 storm.

Around 250 households in Bay County, Florida, are facing eviction from hotels Tuesday since their vouchers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Transitional Sheltering Assistance program are ending.

The state of Florida has appealed the decision to end the vouchers and is asking for an extension of three more months.

Florida emergency management director Jared Moskowitz says denying the extension will increase the risk that residents will leave Bay County since there has been a shortage of housing in the six months since the storm blew ashore on the Florida Panhandle.

FEMA says the vouchers aren't a long-term solution for residents.