House fire leaves another family without a home.

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ENTERPRISE, AL (WTVY) -- A fire in Enterprise has left a family of six without a home.

Enterprise Fire Chief Byron Herring says that the fire started just before noon on Thursday with two adults and two children at home when it happened.

The cause of the fire was an overloaded fireplace.

Chief Herring says that the cold weather is playing a part in this with space heaters and fireplaces being overused.

He said "Anything that gives off any kind of radiant heat or something that could ignite a fire, the general rule of thumb is keep anything three feet away from it. Naturally, going back, if you've got small kids in the house, make sure you keep them away from any matches or lighters etc. anything of that nature."

No one was hurt in the fire, the family is currently staying in a motel thanks to the assistance of the Red Cross.