Honeysuckle Road Expansion

DOTHAN Ala. (WTVY) - Honeysuckle Road is one of the most traveled roads in Dothan. The estimated time people may sit in traffic heading home can add up to an hour. That’s why the city is looking into expanding Honeysuckle Road and adding more lanes.

Honeysuckle Road can be a pain for drivers during rush hour, due to the lack of lanes traffic and traffic back up.

Five lanes including a center turning lane are in in the works but it's going to take some coordination from the community.

Right now they have about 80 ft. of right away but need 100 ft.

There are a few options being considered Honeysuckle Road between West Main Street and Fortner Street, and Honeysuckle between Hartford Highway and South Park Avenue.

Business owners are looking forward to the expansion.

Preliminary plans for the Honeysuckle Road project have been in the works for a few months.

The next step will be coming up with a design.