Holmes County couple is taking their heart for ministry overseas

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HOLMES CO, Flo. Last October, WTVY brought you the story of a couple from Holmes County, Florida, who are taking their heart for ministry overseas.

Plow 127... People Loving Orphans and Widows.
An organization that stems from James 1:27.

Ira Galloway, Founder of PLOW 127 says:
"True and undefiled religion in the sight of god our father is to take care of orphans and widows in their times of distress and not be corrupted by the world."

That is exactly what Ira and his wife-- Susan are doing in Uganda.
They've been serving in a community called Karamoja.
"Around 20 percent of the population lives under poverty. The poverty is so all consuming, but because they are so dependent on God for their daily existence...they have a peace and a joy that just transcends what you would expect."

Ira got back 3 weeks ago from a trip.
He was able to dissect what the greatest needs are.
Since Karamoja is in a semi-arid region, water is hard to come by.
"When so much of your life is taken up with just the very basics, it’s hard to look past that to go to finding further ways to sustain yourself."

The couple wants to install hand-operated wells for the villages.
Among other things…
“We are building, we call them a village oven... It's a design of an oven that's been around the world for hundreds of years."
Widows living in the village will be able to bake bread to feed the orphans and their families.

"We are providing manual sewing machines."
They'll be able to sew clothing for themselves and families, along with selling the leftovers.

The Galloways' will take their next trip with their 8 member team this July.

The couple also is taking donations for "the shoe that grows."
A pair of shoes cost $15, this will help give most children their first pair of shoes.

If you'd like to donate to help in the construction of the orphanage, you can go to: http://www.plow127.org/home/ and click the ‘donate’ button.