Holly Hill students honor Veterans

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ENTERPRISE, Ala.(WTVY)- Holly Hill students are celebrating those that serve our county.

More than a hundred and fifty veterans came out just for this celebration, and let's just say it was special.

Veteran Walker-Miller said, “When I came back from Vietnam in 1973, they threw rocks at us, they spit at us. This is much, much better. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. "

Several students chimed in on what is a veteran?

"People who risk their lives and save us keep us free from bad things and protect us."
"They fight for us so we can be free."
"Veterans day means it's a day we celebrate the veterans risk their life and died just so we can be free."
"Veterans Day is super important because if we didn't have veterans then we would have we wouldn't have our world today.”

Veterans walked the halls of the school, following a celebration put on by the students.

Holly Hills Teacher Holly Wilks said, “When they see students in the halls; their mothers, fathers, and grandparent's, people they've seen as well in the community, it helps them understand what patriotism. They're fighting for their freedom. They're sacrificing their lives all for what we have to today.

"One thing students want veterans to know is we appreciate you."

Holly Hill hopes to expand this parade every year by inviting more veterans to attend.