Headland distillery making hand sanitizer

Headland distillery making hand sanitizer

HEADLAND, Al. (WTVY) -- It’s no surprise that there is a shortage of hand sanitizer due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Now distilleries across the nation are stepping up to help fill the void including in the Wiregrass.

At Gibson Distilling INC., co-owner Kay Keel is used to making a variety of alcohols.

“We make rye whiskey, bourbon whiskey, corn whiskey. Vodka, gin, spiced rum,” Keel said.

But due to the national shortage, Keel’s distillery has begun making hand sanitizer for those on the front lines.

“We’re helping first responders, police departments, hospitals,” she said.

That quickly changed after Keel found out many people in her community are without hand sanitizer.

“Because of the coronavirus situation people need hand sanitizer and it’s almost impossible to find in the grocery stores or the drug stores or Sam’s or Walmart- anywhere,” Keel said.

The CDC says to use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol in it and since she is in the distilling business, they are not short on alcohol.

“Used about a hundred gallons of 195 proof in the last two days,” Keel exclaimed.

The rest comes down to basic science.

“We add hydrogen peroxide to it and a little bit of mineral oil or aloe so that it doesn’t dry your hands out so badly,” she said.

So how much is Gibson Distilling charging for hand sanitizer?

Keel says “it is free to the public.”

Kay wants everyone to know they are not alone during these uncertain times.

“Everyone needs help. Everyone needs hand sanitizer and we had an ample supply of it so we just decided to help the community,” she concluded.

Gibson Distilling INC. Is open Wednesday through Saturday from 1pm to 8pm.

All you need to do bring a bottle for them to fill up.

They are accepting donations for first responders.