Headland Police treated to 12 Days Of Christmas

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HEADLAND, Al. (WTVY) -- Members of one local family are showing their appreciation for the Headland Police Department.

Officers are getting a Christmas gift, 12 Christmas gifts, in fact.

It was all Daniela Lucario's idea.

She says, "This is a little something we could do to show our appreciation and thank them for keeping our communities safe."

Tuesday’s gift was hand sanitizer.

Monday, it was oranges.

Police Chief Mark Jones says, "It's that good pat on the back that makes you think you're making a difference."

Every gift has a small saying.

Lucario says, "This is just a great way that could get something because they might not get time with their families."

Daniela and her family started the tradition last year and it was a no brainer that they'd continue.

Jones says, "We don't get time with our families because we are here working on Christmas, we don't get to see Santa come down the chimney because they're here working."

Jones says the Lucario’s might have the most creative idea, but several families bring them gifts during the holidays.