HEDA and DDRA collaborate to bring top talent to Wiregrass

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - An official press release was sent out stating new plans between HEDA and the DDRA.

At the final Foster Fest of 2017, Jessica Parker left everybody with high hopes for the future, and as promised, huge has been delivered.

The Houston Economic Development Association, the Downtown Dothan Redevelopment Authority, The Plant, and a group of investors are partnering to bring top talent to Foster Fest.

The first commitment came from HEDA, which operates Center Stage Bingo and Entertainment Facility in Dothan.

They have committed to a multi-year sponsorship which will leverage its entertainment industry contacts to bring nationally known talent to Foster Fest

HEDA President, Frank Wendt says he hopes this will help them fulfill their mission by cross-promoting and helping support Downtown Dothan redevelopment efforts.

DDRA Director Jamie Bienvenue says that drawing bigger name talent to Foster Fest is all a part of the plan.

"Our goal has been to increase the quality of a different aspect of Foster Fest each year. This is a community that loves live music, so we are hoping to provide it on a regular basis."

Dothan's annual Foster Fest brings incredible foot traffic to downtown and is a critical part of the area's continuing redevelopment as a cultural and economic hub for the city.