Grocery store maybe coming to Cottonwood

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COTTONWOOD, Al. (WTVY) Driving through Cottonwood, there's one thing you won’t see - a grocery store. The mayor is working with Houston County officials to change that.

Donna Abel has lived in Cottonwood since the 1970s.

She says, "Some of us can drive to Dothan and that isn't a big deal but some people can't and we need one, badly."

Mayor Ken Hamilton says, "You sit at home on a Saturday and you want to go get something to put on the grill. You can't so you do miss it, but we're believing 2018 is going to bring some good things. We are letting these people who have grocery stores know that we are open for business."

They have a building on Cottonwood Road, they just need someone to fill it.

The Houston County Commission approved paving the parking lot this week.

"We have a good work base and I think we can supply good quality help."

Mayor Hamilton says it will help local restaurants, people at the senior center, and provide jobs for the community as a whole.

Right now, the closest grocery store is in Ashford or Cowarts.

Hamilton says, "Like I said, 2018 is our year and the good Lord is going to send us what we need."

Right now, there are no commitments but they hope to partner with a store in the next few months.