Goshen honors veterans

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GOSHEN, Ala. (WTVY) The Goshen community took time to pay tribute to every single war veteran from their town.

They unveiled a plaque listing all 381 military veterans and their branch of service.

“It will be a conversation maker to educate our children as to the value of the service that these men and women have done for our country," said Bill Sanders, a Goshen resident.

The veterans served in the Korea War, Vietnam War, Cold War, and World War 2 also known as the Greatest Generation.

158 of the 381 served during the Greatest Generation.

“Now today there are only three still living. We are pleased to have two of those with us here today for the unveiling,” said Sander.

It wasn’t only men that were honored.

“I realize I’m a little out place because I am the only woman here. It’s only three that’s on the list, but it is one the proudest thing I’ve done is to serve my country and serve everyone else. I wish I could do it all over again," said Shelia Bradbury, a 20-year veteran.

These veterans are from a town where everyone knows everyone, but they gave that up to serve.

“We do that to make sure Americans have the freedoms they have here today. If it weren’t for the military I don’t know what we do.. what language we would be even speaking,” said Mack Barber, veteran.

Family and friends were present during the dedication. The plaque will be displayed in the town hall permanently.