Golden Peanut Expansion in Headland

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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) — A new peanut facility was unveiled Friday in Headland.
This 20,000 ton capacity building will bring economic benefits to the area.

Ground breaking on a new peanut facility in Headland brings high hopes for increased success in the local farming industry.

Headland Mayor Ray Marler says the foundation of Headland is agriculture.
Marler says:
"Our tax dollars in the ag turn over about 12 times inside your community so this right here is just a big asset not only for our city but for local farmers and around in the community."

This six million dollar project was started in March of this year and will wrap up in early October.
Golden Peanut is heading up the expansion and ranks as one of the top peanut companies in the United States.
It is also the only global company based out of the US with assets in South Africa and Argentina.
"This 20,000 ton warehouse ties the farmers in Alabama in with global network that serves the world nutrition."

The facility was mapped out to be ready just in time for harvest so that help is provided to unload farmers trucks more quickly.

Greg Mills, President of Golden Peanuts & Tree Nuts says:
"It'll take 800 trucks to fill this warehouse, 800 trucks going in and 800 trucks going out and as a result we'll see more commerce, more activity in the headland area and it confirms the fact that we are here to stay. The 92 jobs for this facility are here for the long-term."

Mills also says this facility will serve the American farmer as they try to move their product off of the farm and into the world market.
Golden peanut and tree nut bought this facility in the early 1990s.