Geneva searches for missing picture for 'Wall of Faces Project'

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GENEVA COUNTY, Ala. (WTVY) - Much of the Geneva community has spent the last few days tracking down a piece of history.

They were looking for a picture to go with a name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. contains over 58,000 names of men and women who lost their lives fighting in the Vietnam War.

A new project called the 'Wall of Faces' is dedicated to finding a picture to go with every name on the wall.

Every name in Geneva County has been accounted for - every name but J.C. Love's.

Love was born in 1943 in Black, Alabama, and lost his life during the war in 1966.

The Vietnam Memorial Fund contacted the public library in Geneva, and the library's director shared the information on the Let's Talk Geneva Facebook page.

The director at the library said she was surprised to see how quickly the community responded, but she'd not been able to track down a picture or love's family.

With the help of Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helms, WTVY was able to meet with J.C. Love's sister-in-law, Margaret Love.

"It just makes you feel so good, that people are thinking about you and about him and everything,” said Love. “We're really proud of it, and there're so many people that have contacted me wanting to know if I had any pictures or anything of him."

Thankfully, she had pictures, medals, hats and other items of J.C.'s

Love's husband keener, J.C.'s older brother, passed away two years ago.

He had always wanted to see the wall in Washington D.C., but never got the chance.

"Many of his friends - Keener, my husband’s friends - that went to see the wall, they would all take and scratch his name on paper and bring it back to him and bring literature back to him where he could see it,” said Love.

Now, J.C.'s face, as well as his name, will be remembered forever.

With the addition of J.C., there are only 81 names left without a picture for the state of Alabama.

You can find information on how to submit pictures for the Wall of Faces Project at: