Geneva City Schools learning new skills to benefit in the classroom

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) -- Many of the students in Geneva City Schools will opt not to go to college. Superintendent Ron Snell wanted teachers to understand how important it is for students to know life skills once they complete high school.

"To make sure they're ready to go to work on day one. And so this is a relevance piece, this is a way of showing the teachers the hard work they do inside that classroom actually looks like something on a day to day basis," Superintendent of Geneva City Schools, Ron Snell said.

Geneva City Schools is the largest workforce developer in their area and Reliable Products has taken notice. Today showing teachers what their student's future careers look like.

"A lot of the school systems are today trying to teach kids more of the things because everyone is not going to go to college, a lot of entry-level positions. But like I said it's very important for the teachers to be preparing kids for the workforce."Quality Manager at Reliable Products, Brad Campbell said.

For teachers, seeing what their students could be doing gives them a better idea of what skills should be taught.

"But it gives me an eye view of exactly what they're doing really to help me in the classroom as far as just little things like skills as far as tape measures, have them read a ruler, or hammers or drills or whatever it is so it'll help them in the future," 5th Grade Teacher at James A Mulkey Elementary School, Jerry Gay said.

After the tour, teachers were taken by buses through neighborhoods their students live in. Several teachers agreed this changes their whole perspective.

"Some of not having their homework. They might have been up all night, they might not have gotten to sleep so it was nice to take that tour and kind of see where these kids are coming from before you get them each day." Counselor at Geneva Middle School, Casey Ward said.

Superintendent Ron Snell told me this was a valuable lesson and can be beneficial to every grade. Skills such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking can start as early as kindergarten.

Geneva City Schools can start using these skills in the classroom when they start back up on August 9th.