Geneva City Schools host open houses to help students feel welcome

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) -- Geneva City Schools are less than 24 hours away before their first day back in the classroom. Thursday teachers were able to give students and families a sneak peek to what the new school year will be like.

These open houses give students the opportunity to not only meet their teachers but, allow them to get comfortable in the environment. Teachers say their main goal for the night is creating the parent-teacher bond.

The open houses took place at Geneva City elementary, middle and high schools.

They gave families and students the opportunity to get accustomed to the classroom, procedures, and homework.

The face to face interactions helps build relationships and give parents an overview of what the school year will be like.

And teachers say this night is very essential for the students transitioning to a new school.

"It's vital especially for the students, it's important for the teachers but most especially for the students. Because they are scared, it's their first time in middle school so when they get to come with a parent they feel a little bit safer, they get to meet their teacher and it's not the structured learning environment it's more laid back so it helps them to feel more comfortable," English/Journalism teacher at Geneva Middle School, Hannah Ward said.

Geneva City Schools start their new school year bright and early August 9th.