Four years later Dothan man's disappearance remains mystery

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Dothan (WTVY)-- Four years after Ryles Chapman disappeared he hasn’t been heard from and hopes are diminishing.

Photo of Ryals Chapman submitted by family.

Chapman, on December 18, 2013, ran from his parents’ home---Ryles lived in the pool house---clad only in boxer shorts. A friend reported he later saw Chapman standing along U.S. 84 near the entrance to the Bocage subdivision where he lived.

There were several other sightings including downtown Dothan and Dairy Queen on the Circle. Several months after Chapman vanished heavy equipment was used to dig on a site near Bocage. All leads hit dead ends.

Dothan police are baffled. "As of right now we are at a standstill, we have exhausted all of the leads that we have had in the past four years and we are relying on the public to give us any new information that we can follow up on,” Sergeant Jason Adkins said Monday.

Perhaps most bizarre about the case is that Chapman, who was 26, ran away with no keys, cell phones, or personal effects. He also left behind two young children behind.

Adkins renewed pleas Monday for public help in solving the mystery. Those with information, regardless to how insignificant, should contact the Dothan Police Department or Crimestoppers.