Forever Wild Trails affected by heavy December rains

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - Dothan's wettest year on record had several impacts across the area, including the Forever Wild Trails.

Several days of rain in December temporarily closed the hiking and biking trails due to excessive water and muddy conditions.
The trails were once again closed Friday morning from the heavy rain overnight Thursday.
But the trails are built to sustain heavier rains since they feature a grade change every 50 feet.
Trail officials still encourage cyclists to stay on the course regardless if there's puddles.

"Because people try to avoid the water, then we have to go back in and fix it and shut it down so that the damage doesn't increase," said Dothan Leisure Services Assistant Director Kim Meeker. "But normally, after four hours of rain, we're ready to go again."

Remember the Forever Wild Trails are only for non-motorized vehicles.
Anyone who uses a four-wheeler or motorcycle will be subject to prosecution.