Flu season is reaching its peak

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) -- The up and down temperatures are making an already terrible flu season even worse.


The flu season is being called one of the worst in recent years. With experts saying that the flu vaccine may only have a 10 percent chance of being effective. And plenty of people know that first hand.

Hope Nix, the only nurse at Cloverdale Elementary, has sent more than a dozen children home sick in the last couple of days.

She says "They've either got headaches, achy bodies, temperatures, sneezing, runny noses, coughs, they can't stop coughing you know, different things like that."

Dr. Beth Weaver of AllSouth Urgent Care states that the cold snap that started the year off plays a part - in a way most people wouldn't think.

She said "We tend to huddle inside, in groups when the weather gets bad and I think that's where you actually spread it from person to person."

To keep the flu from spreading, Nix says that it comes down to the parents making the call to keep their kids out of school.

She said "Children don't usually complain about headaches, okay. And if they're telling you they're tired, or you see that your child is sleeping more than normal, achy bodies,.. you want to pay attention to those things. And sometimes, parents don't pay attention, Just to simple little things like that."

Dr. Weaver mentions that if you come down with any flu symptoms, keep your kids out of school and don't go to work.
Also avoid crowds if you can - wash your hands for at least 15 seconds.