Fitness court facility coming to Dothan's Westgate Park

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- For those who love getting outside, there's a new fitness concept is coming to Dothan.

A pad at Dothan's Westgate Park will soon feature equipment to do a full body circuit workout. The workout is designed for 7 movements in 7 minutes.

Dothan is just the second city in the country to get this innovative workout facility.

It's possible because of money from some local sponsors and the city.

City Manager Mike West says, "This city, by the recreational facility it has, and the various opportunities it has for recreation and physical activity, we showed them that we have a commitment and a community that is interested in physical fitness."

The grand opening is March 24.

You can download an app, so you can work out with a trainer.
And --- it's all free.