First African American sheriff in Barbour County is celebrating his victory

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EUFAULA Ala.(WTVY)- A historic night for Barbour County. Voters elected Tyrone Smith, the county's first African American sheriff.

He grew up in Barbour County and has served in law enforcement for more than twenty years.

Lakeside Sophomore Sarah Murph said. “He’s an incredible person. I’ve only known him for two years. He knows when to be serious and when to take things light-hearted and I couldn't think of anyone who would be better as the title of Sheriff. "

Citizens say Tyrone Smith is a people person and someone many can confide in.

Smith says so far reality has not set it but he's extremely thankful for those who made it possible.
“The enthusiasm alone of people that wanted to come out and vote... did come out and vote... it was just awesome."

His supporters have backed him all the way and say they believe he is the only man for the job.

Supporter Jacquet Gibson said, “He’s an honest man and I can trust him because he takes my grandkids. He's a community person. He coaches basketball for AAU, and he's been their coach for about four years, so he's always taken them all around the United States and he brings them back to me saf. If I can trust him with that so that way I can trust him with the Sheriff's department."

Smith serves many roles in the community he loves and is also the girls basketball coach at the Lakeside School.

Lakeside Sophomore Beth Horne said, “He works hard for everyone, not just himself. Like, he shows up for practice for us, not for him. He always tells us whatever we do we will get out of things. So he's always told us whatever you put in something, is what you'll get out in return. So always work hard in whatever you do.

The headmaster at Lakeside School Rick Rainer said, “We're excited for him about his win as the Barbour County sheriff last night. In my opinion, he's very deserving and I think he will do a great job.

And that's exactly what Sheriff Smith plans to do.

Tyrone Smith is set to take office in January.