11 year old fashion designer hopes to inspire others

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As an actress, model, and now fashion designer.....
It's safe to say Marilyn Newman is no ordinary 6th grader.

"I was always into fashion and I loved to put on clothes and take photos. I am an actress and my mom told me modeling is apart of being an actress so I was like okay I want to start fashion shows," Co-Owner of Dream Boutique, Marilyn Newman said.

Since the age of 8, Marilyn has been participating in fashion shows -
but just recently is when she started submitting her own designs.

"She told me, I want to be the youngest fashion designer and I just looked at her, didn't take her seriously ya know like okay whatever and then February I asked her do you still want to be a fashion designer, the youngest fashion designer and she was like yes," Marilyn's mom, Lashanda Newman said.

And after her first show, she knew this is what she wanted to do.....

"I nailed it honestly, I nailed it. And then we did good in it and I wanted to do more, i wanted to continue doing what I love," Marilyn said.

As the co-owner of Dream Boutique, Marilyn is now just one week away from her 7 day, 7 city tour - showcasing 8 selections from her "Dream Collection" line.

"I hope that most girls notice that they don't have to be a pretty face, they don't have to be too skinny they can be any size height, I just want them to love themselves and that anything can happen if you let it," Marilyn said.

But it's not all about fashion to this family....

"It's important you know not too many people can say they spend that time with their kids when their kids got careers that they're doing and trying to do. I'm just trying to boost them, I'm just trying to give them that little boost," Lashanda said.

And for her future......

"It's just so much fun, its amazing I want to keep on doing it, I don't want to stop in the middle of my life even if I do want to concentrate more on acting, I really don't want to stop. I mean it's apart of my life, I just want to keep doing it and keep going," Marilyn said.

Marilyn and her family are now working on a website to showcase all of their Dream Boutique merchandise.