Farley Nuclear Plant funds a wave of new robots for Headland Middle School

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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) - Robots have taken over an afterschool program at Headland Middle School.

Thanks to a donation from Farley Nuclear Plant, the school has ushered in a new wave of robots.

"When I first started middle school, because this is my first year, I really didn't think about robots that much, but now that I'm here with a really nice teacher, it's fun to learn about," said Headland Middle School Science Club Member Aaliyah Nagy-Sanders

Aaliyah Nagy-Sanders is one of nearly two dozen new members of the Headland Middle School Science Club.

The club's teacher told Southern Company, an ambassador program of the Farley Nuclear Plant about the organization's growth.

They immediately wanted to help make it even more engaging for the students.

"By participating in programs like this, and other stem type programs, kids are developing skills and the thought process they're going to need to maybe become future workers for us after college," said Farley Communications Coordinator Mike Doherty.

Farley gave the science club $4,000 which paid for 15 vex robots - the type the school could use in competition.

The bots have a pretty simple base, making it easier for students to personalize them.

Members of the Headland science club may not be headed to any competitions this year, but they are hoping to change that in the years to come.