Family of missing man in Eufaula remains hopeful

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EUFAULA, Ala. (WTVY) - Missing since November. A Eufaula family remains hopeful their loved one will be found.

Everyone knew Benny Moore by his nickname, "Pig." It's been more than four months since anyone saw him. No one in the family has any clue where Pig could have ended up, but they all know for certain, it's unlike him to leave and never come home.

"Every time I turn that corner, I be looking for him,” said his sister Diane Williams. “I’m hoping he'd be in that backyard, but the backyard is not the back yard anymore because he's not there."

Pig is 62 years old, but Williams says he looked at her as a mother figure. He was on disability and when he didn't come home for his medication that day in November, that's when the family knew something wasn't right.

"For him to come up missing and no one not know anything, or supposedly saying they don't know anything, it's not true,” says his niece Musheera Hudson.

The family says Pig typically hung out downtown and on Dale Road in Eufaula.

"Pig didn't bother anybody… he didn't know how to be rude, even if he wasn't on his medications.”

With few leads on Pig's disappearance, his family hopes he'll come walking home.

Sergeant Donald Brown with the Eufaula Police Department says to call if you have any information.

The department’s number is (334) 687-1200. There is a $1,500 reward in the case.