Explosion in pickup truck sends one to hospital, car searched in SAMC parking lot

A street near the Southeast Alabama Medical Center is blocked off while a car is searched following a bomb explosion that occurred elsewhere. Photo from October 23, 2017.
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Houston County (WTVY)-- A man was injured Monday morning when an explosive device believed to be a pipe bomb or something similar detonated in the pickup truck he was driving. A few hours later a car belonging to a woman described by police as the victim’s girlfriend was searched though she wasn’t named as a suspect.

The explosion that blew out the vehicle’s windows occurred about 7:00 AM. The driver of the truck---a construction type vehicle---was traveling north on South Park Avenue. He was taken to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center. His condition isn’t known but he’s expected to survive, per sources familiar with his condition.

While the truck came to a stop inside the Dothan city limits it was determined the explosion occurred in Taylor. The cities adjoin.
A few hours after the blast a Ford Taurus in the outpatient parking lot of Southeast Alabama Medical Center was checked. The reason was not immediately disclosed but law enforcement sources say the car belongs to the girlfriend of the man injured in the explosion. There’s no indication that she is a suspect.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office, Taylor Police, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms are investigating while the Dothan Police Department is assisting.