Expanding Dothan Businesses

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — There’s a variety of stores and restaurants bringing new jobs with them, including Home Goods, Fazoli's, David’s Catfish House, and Stix and Cones.

Whenever we can do something new and different that excites people and gets them out of the house and gets them to spend money in our community it's always a good thing.

City of Dothan Planning Director Todd McDonald said, “The atmosphere of this community when we have a restaurant come in town changes the dynamic, of course, were on the road to the beach so that's a good tractor for our community economic development wise.

Stix and Cones Owner Brett Smith said, “We're excited about what's happening in downtown were glad to be a part of it Dothan has always been a dining destination for the area and downtown is becoming a center for dining.”

We're told they'll be opening within the next few months.