Eufaula neighborhood dealing with tornado aftermath

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EUFAULA, Ala. (WTVM) -- One East Alabama community is facing the aftermath from Tuesday’s severe weather after a tornado ripped through Barbour County.

Officials said there were no serious injuries or deaths from the tornado. People who live in the neighborhood that was hit, the Country Club of Alabama, said they’re obviously upset over the loss of homes and belongings, but they’re just thankful their neighbors are all okay.

Along the street where the twister hit, insulation fluttered in the wind, decades-old trees lay uprooted on the ground, and entire walls of homes rested in crumpled heaps.

“I saw the tornado and saw all the debris flying through the air,” said Christopher Crouch, who lives in the neighborhood and whose home was badly damaged. “I ran back inside, told my wife and two-year-old son to get in the hallway. I went in the guest bedroom and grabbed the mattress, threw it on top of them. As soon as I did that, it hit. All the windows busted out and all the debris started hitting the house.”

Surrounded by all that damage, residents were still grateful there are reportedly no serious injuries or deaths from the storm.

“We first made sure everybody was okay around us,” Crouch said. “Honestly, I was just thankful that my family was okay and that we didn’t find anyone with serious injuries or anything like that.”

Though the National Weather Service is still conducting its damage survey, as of Wednesday afternoon, officials said based on preliminary assessments, they found damage consistent with an EF-2 tornado with winds of up to 130 miles per hour.

“I knew it was going to be catastrophic based off what it sounded like,” Crouch said. “I didn’t expect the damage that I saw.”

Wednesday, as residents sifted through their belongings and cut up fallen trees, one local family passed out donuts and encouraging words, hoping to make this heartbreaking situation a little sweeter.

“[We’re] giving out donuts and fixing to head to Walmart to get boxes and containers because that’s a big need right now,” said Kim Brown. “We just don’t want to see our community suffer, and we want to help serve.”

And for that, neighbors are thankful.

“We have a very good community here,” Crouch said. “People come together when stuff like this happens. It takes a lot of people praying and coming together. We’ll eventually get this cleaned up and back to our normal lives.”

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