Enterprise could raise sanitation fees

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ENTERPRISE, Al. (WTVY) The price of garbage pickup hasn’t changed in Enterprise in 26 years but the city is thinking about changing that.

The city says it costs them about $1.5 million dollars more annually than fees generate.

The city council may be about increase those fees.

Director of Public Works, Michael Walters says,
"This will allow us to maintain what we do day to day, to keep up where we are, to pay for the cost that we come across."

Under the proposal residential rates will increase from $10.50 to $25 monthly over the next two years.

Businesses would see its garbage and trash fees jump from $17.50 to $32.

Walters says a graduated increase will give customers time to prepare.

"Just to allow people to plan, everyone is operating on a budget, just like we do."

This proposal was brought to the city council last week.

However, they took no action and it's not known if or when the matter will be discussed again.