Elections about more than the Governor's race

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(WTVY)-- As the polls get set to open on Tuesday, a couple of communities are voting on amendments that will add funding to emergency services in Dale County and the City of Slocomb.

In Slocomb, the city is proposing a $35 assessment fee on property taxes. The money would go towards the Slocomb Fire Department.

Slocomb Fire Chief, Kyle Hovey says, "Those funds are going to be used to replace a FEMA safer grant that expires in October of 2020."

In Dale County, the proposed $5 tag fee on license plates would go towards funding the county's EMS services.

Craig Mathis is the Board Chairman for Echo EMS who serves Dale County, he says they need the fee to continue.

Mathis tells us, "We have had a paid crew during the day from 8 to 6. And with this tag fee here, we can actually have someone make these calls. That's gonna go away without this fee."

But when it comes to first response, every second counts.

Chief Hovey says, "Residential fires double in size every minute, so the quicker we can get there, the quicker we can stop the damage stop the loss, and prevent any injuries or deaths."

Hovey and Mathis also said that while they have volunteer staff ready in their respective areas, getting these local amendments passed would alleviate the need for volunteers around the clock.

Slocomb residents will decide on the fire fee, as well as voters in certain parts of Malvern.