ESCC unveils "hangout" room for students

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) -- Enterprise State Community College is taking steps to improve its campus.

Ping-Pong table in ESCC's hangout room

The college opened a new "Hangout" where students can socialize between classes.

Foosball, ping pong, gaming systems and new furniture, all to bring the more than 1,800 students of ESCC together.

"When they see that we have places to socialize, hang out and have fun they're like, 'OK you know we can actually come here - continue our education but have fun while we're doing it,' " said ESCC SGA President Bryan Garcia.

The new hangout has already helped bring students closer.

"It just makes you just feel kind of welcomed and excited just to kind of see everybody hanging out interacting with each other. And now you can feel a part of that too,” said ESCC student Jake Steed. “It's a great place to meet new people and just kind of get used to the students and build that bond between students and have a great time."

It also gives students the chance to unwind between classes.

"Stress of classes is you know really tough especially for incoming freshmen,” said ESCC Student Layken Hussey. “We're not quite used to that load so it's kind of nice to have a place to be able to come and hang out with your friends and just chill."

Students commute to ESCC, some as far as thirty minutes away and are left with nothing to do between classes besides go home.

This gives them a reason to stay on campus and pass the time.

"It's a money saver for me not having to spend the money on gas just go around and come back and forth," said Hussey

ESCC’s next project is new equipment for the Fine Arts Department and renovations to the Forester building.

The building will house a new theater for the department.