EHS plans to stop vaping on campus

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) -- Enterprise High School students went back to the classroom Tuesday but were greeted with some changes to the school's smoking policy.

"These kids don't need to be vaping, they don't need to be Juuling, they don't need to be doing all of this stuff. Like focus on their academics, focus on their future, that's it," Enterprise health teacher, Amber Ensley said.

New changes are in store for the 2020 school year at Enterprise High School...

"And like all the other schools, we're having issues with vaping here on campus and so when we started looking at that and looking at what other schools are doing. We knew we needed to change the discipline. We weren't really getting the message across to our students," Enterprise High School principal, Brent Harrison said.

The new and updated policy is as follows.... 1st offense, 3 days out of school suspension, 2nd offense, 5 days out of school suspension and 3rd offense 45 days at TAP or the alternative school.

But the biggest change......

"The account does not start over so if you have instances from a year ago and you get in trouble this semester or this year, we do look at that previous incident and go from there as far as administering appropriate discipline," Harrison said.

The changes were a surprise to the students.

"When I gave it to my senior homeroom -- they of course -- everyone was like, are you kidding me? What is this?" Ensley said.

And as a health teacher, Ensley knows the dangers of these products.

"Cause the lungs actually start to be coded with B12 and you're not supposed to have that in your lungs so that's one of the harmful effects. Nicotine is going to be the biggest thing because they become addicted," Ensley said.

The faculty and staff agree that the changes will be beneficial.

"Even some of my students that have honestly spoke to me, where they said that they were glad they got caught in the past, because it made them stop because they were addicted to it," Ensley said.

"We want to try and make this as safe as possible, so with us hopefully by making it a lot stricter punishment it will deter some of that behavior of people wanting to do something here on campus," Harrison said.

To help, the school has even installed Halo Smart Sensors in the bathrooms that detect smoke, vape, other sounds like shouting in areas that cameras can't be placed.

If the students are caught with any type of tobacco device it will be confiscated and given to the schools resource officer.