Dr. Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration Program

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - For the past 31 years, the Dothan Association of Women’s Club has presented their annual birthday celebration program for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We’ve come a long way" said Kevin Dorsey, Dothan City Commissioner.

People from all walks of life joined together at Patterson Street Freewill Baptist Church to celebrate his legacy.

I wasn’t in that era but I read a lot of it in the history books, and it’s just pretty much paying homage to Dr. King" says Dorsey.

Myles Camel, a sixteen year old from Dothan High School, gave the welcome message for tonight’s program.

As a public speaker, he says Dr. King has been his inspiration since childhood.

Myles said, "he's really one of my biggest influences when I started speaking as a kid , like in different church plays you know, you have to dress up as somebody for Black History Month; I always chose him so I always looked at his different works, different speeches and everything he really inspired me to get into this speaking business"

This is his second year speaking at the celebration and when asked what he's learned from Dr. King’s legacy...

"You learn about just how innocent of a man he was and how much he honored god and loved his family. And you learn that family always comes first and you learn to put yourself last and to help people and eventually your blessing will come back to you and that violence is never really the answer no matter the situation." Said Camel.

At a time where protests are often surrounded by violence... Commissioner Kevin Dorsey says the celebration is a reminder that "it was worse years ago, but you can still make it through adversity"

A march will be held on Monday morning.

It starts at 9:30 at 1924 Reeves Street and will end at Greater Beulah Baptist church in Dothan.