Downtown businesses look forward to 2018 Foster Fests

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — Eat, drink and shop local! One of the many highlights during Foster Fest. Businesses old and new, before the streets light up.

Very shortly Foster Street will go from empty to really crowded. Vendors are setting up and businesses are ready for the crowds.

Kelsey Clark, owner of KBC, says, "We all, all the vendors here on Foster Street talk about when Foster Fest gets started, it just gets everything going. It's almost like football is starting!"

KBC is just one of the few that reap the benefits. Lots to prepare for and lots of change. The Eatery will collide with The Plant, which will bring business to that part of town, too.

"It takes people a minute in Dothan to realize where a business is at."

Paul McVay owns "The Collective" on South Saint Andrews Street, he also owns McLeod's on Highway 84. This will be the business's first Foster Fest, and McVay is excited to see the turn out.

"Foster Fest does a great job down here in Downtown Dothan, trying to bring more business down and those building new business down here some attendance."

The bar officially opened about a month ago.
As for businesses like KBC that have been around for a while, they're no stranger to the excitement.

"If you get ten people who have never been to KBC, that multiplies. Then they go down the street, and the more people you can get to come down here for something like Foster Fest, the more likely they're going to come back and eat, shop, drink coffee and everything else."