Jones headed to Hill after climbing poltical mountain

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Washinton, D.C. (WTVY)- Just weeks after political pundits believed Doug Jones had little chance for victory, he’ll be sworn in this week as U.S. Senator. He becomes the first Democrat from Alabama to hold the office in more than 25 years.

Jones, with 63 percent of the vote, won the party’s nomination in August against a field of seven other candidates.

While sweet, his victory was expected to soon turn sour. Early polls showed Republican Roy Moore would defeat Jones by double digits.

Then the political tide turned. Allegations of sexual abuse against Moore energized Jones’ campaign who won the December 12 special election when a record number of voters went to the polls.

Moore alleged voter fraud was responsible Jones’ 22,000-vote victory and filed a lawsuit last week to stop vote certification. A judge dismissed the suit.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said Saturday time had expired for Moore to demand a recount that would have cost him millions of dollars.

Jones, with his hand on the family Bible, will be sworn in Wednesday by Vice-President Mike Pence