Citizens on why they are voting

DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) -- History shows that more people vote in the general election than they do in the primary election.

Senator Raumesh Akbari and Representative Jason Powell announced the amendment Tuesday. / (MGN)

Since Tuesday is Super Tuesday WTVY set out to discover if people in our area will be going to the ballots.

With less than 24 hours until Super Tuesday many are planning to go out and vote.

People in Dothan believe it is their responsibility as American citizens to do so.

"It's my civic duty. Everybody's required to do it."

"Well I always vote. There are several things on the ballot that I'm interested in and I want to make sure my voice is counted.”

With many candidates on the ballot here in District 2, many voters look for certain qualities in a candidate when choosing who to vote for.

"I want someone that's going to look out for what's best for the people in our community. Somebody that's going to make sure we get the things that we need in our communities."

"That they have good morals. Good Christian people. Got a good record if they've already been in office."

"I look for candidates who have a good understanding of what's going on currently, and are looking to make changes for the betterment of all."

one thing to remember going into Super Tuesday is, you can't have a voice if you don't get out and vote.

"You can't complain about the outcome if you don't, you know, at least try and put, you know, your values and that kind of thing into it."

WTVY will keep you up to date on all election results on Super Tuesday on our website,