Dothan National Ponytails bring home world title

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - After pitching scoreless innings and smacking plenty of hits, the Dothan National Ponytails have brought home a world softball championship.

It was a lineup of superstars as parents and family welcomed back the Dothan National Ponytails.

The team represented the State of Alabama at the Dixie X-Play World Series in Hopkins County, Texas.

These girls were already used to the spotlight.

"Going to the World Series really helped us get a good experience of it last year, and this year it was an even better team filled with the most amazing team players,” said Ponytails Player Mary Helen Mendheim.

Last year the girls made it pretty far, but ultimately lost to Mississippi.

This season, they were determined to come back on top, and managed to put up more than 10 runs a game over the course of the World Series, which made for some long innings at the plate.

"Some of the innings were a little bit longer than others and those kind of felt like forever,” said Ponytails Player Charlee Chandler. “Like Maddox, Mallory's brother said, 'I think these are the longest two innings we've ever had."

The girls beat the likes of Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia during the tournament before ultimately coming head to head with Hopkins County for the world championship.

They toppled over them 13-3 in a mercy rule victory for the title.

While they celebrated the win, they made sure to acknowledge the people that helped get them there to begin with.

"A lot of the parents helped us pitch,” said Ponytails Player Marie Lingo. “They helped us work on our hitting and everything. This group of girls won't be back together as this group, but it was really fun coming out here and us being together."

The Ponytails even got some words of encouragement from Auburn Softball Legend Kasey Cooper via facetime before the final game.