Dothan to see major events return; new events in 2020

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The Hardees Pro Classic, Future Masters and Dothan Diamond Classic are the three events in particular that tourists flock to Dothan for.

Competitors at the 2019 Hardees Pro Classic, one of the many big-ticket tourist items returning in 2020.

While the city gears up for those returners in 2020, the city is also preparing for a whole slate of new events.

Dothan Leisure Services books events, while Visit Dothan determines how they will benefit the city from a tourist standpoint.

With that symbiotic relationship in mind, they've gotten a pretty good idea of what this year's tournament schedule will look like.

"Glad to be able to provide those types of facilities that people want to come to and want to play in from all over the country,” said Dothan Leisure Services Athletic Coordinator Tyson Carter.

As Dothan Leisure Services prepares to lock in its calendar for 2020, it looks like the heavy hitters, like the Hardees Pro and Diamond Classic will be back for another year.

That's something that Visit Dothan President Aaron McCrieght is happy to hear.

"We're talking over $10 million of visitor spending that come in to this community and leave their money,” said McCreight. “That's millions and millions of dollars.”

While those big ticket items are returning, Dothan Leisure Services has pulled in quite a few other smaller events to fill out the calendar.

"36 weekends out of 52 weekends are booked this year," said Carter.

Some of those weekends are coming up, like the mountain bike race at Forever Wild and Chipola College's national junior college softball competition.

It's newer events like those that are going to get Visit Dothan's attention this year.

"Lets' see what we have and see if there is an opportunity to grow the events we already have,” said McCreight. “More is not always better. Better is always better."

McCreight said one area that Dothan is only scratching the surface at is James Oates Park.

He said the park is so new, and holds a lot of untapped potential still for major events.
Dothan Leisure Services will meet on Monday to finalize its calendar.