Donalsonville on road to recovery

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DONALSONVILLE, GA. (WTVY) -- Josie Dennis, a Donalsonville resident says "The hurricane it slowed us down but it didn't stop us".

Dennis says "We were in Tennessee but we came back the very next morning and once we got about 20 min out we started seeing destruction everywhere. You couldn't get down a lot of roads, there were power lines, roofs blown off of houses, glass and debris everywhere, it was just… it was a mess, something like out of a movie scene".

Josie works at Davis Jewelers, a business that was spared heavy damage during the storm.

The same can’t be said for a church just a few doors down, the roof on it was completely pulled back.

Driving through Donalsonville, the impact of Hurricane Michael can still be seen, but it is nothing compared to what the town looked like in the days immediately following the storm.

Shelia Williams, A Seminole County Commissioner says "We are seeing things happen in the county, people are beginning to pick up we have roofs going on now that we don't have rain, new windows put in, siding put back on homes, debris being picked up some of the people are picking their own debris up and taking care of it which is really great".

While there is still a long way to go in terms of debris cleanup, the end is in sight for the city.

Steve Hicks, the Donalsonville City Manager says "I think if you were here the day after, and you look at it today, the streets are clean, the neighborhoods are cleaner and getting clean".

Throughout the recovery the community has stuck together, showcasing the strength of Donalsonville.

Dennis says "When everybody though it was going to be a complete and total loss for our town, we all came together and started building again".