Digital caps help time your prescription intake

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) The difference between guessing you took your medication and knowing you took your medication. That’s the goal of the TimerCap.


According to the American College of Preventive Medicine, 20 to 50% of patients do not take their medication when subscribed by a doctor. This nonadherence causes an estimated 125,000 deaths a year. TimerCaps is a tool that is trying to change that.

TimerCaps were created six years ago to help patients keep up with their medication schedules and regimens. Some Wiregrass pharmacies and drugstores just started selling them a few months ago including CVS. TimerCaps has a child safety top and a timer that resets every time you open and close the bottle, helping you remember the last time you took your prescription. They also come in different sizes for different bottles and the batteries last for twelve to eighteen months.

"Specially elderly patients because it does get hard to take prescriptions on time when you're taking multiple prescriptions,” said Abby Daugherty, a CVS Pharmacist. “And then also even us younger patients we're busy day to day with our kids going out having fun."

TimerCaps also come blue tooth enabled. They link to a smartphone, and can send updates to your caregivers so you can remain independent while your loved ones know you've taken your medication.

A package has three caps for around $10.They can help protect families from overdosing. The caps themselves don’t lock like a safe to stop someone from getting pills out, but from a timing aspect it can help with monitoring. They allow a consumer to keep their intake interval around the same time with a visual reminder.

You can also buy Timercaps in a tool kit which includes a tracker form and storing safety tips. More information on Timercaps, visit