Dense fog traps travelers in China

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Chengdu, China (Reuters/CCTV/CBS Newspath) -- The dense fog enveloped parts of Chengdu City in southwest China's Sichuan Province on early Monday morning, stranding more than 10,000 travelers at Shuangliu International Airport.

By 08, the fog delayed 45 outbound flights and caused three inbound.

The fog began appearing at around 04:00 Monday morning, reducing the visibility at the airport to less than 100 meters.

The airport issued an alert for massive flight delay on 06:39. It closed one of the two runways, while the planes were taking off on the other runway in a larger headway.

According to the aviation authority, the high humidity on the ground and the clear sky resulted in the radiation fog.

The airport has made considerate arrangements to comfort the stranded travelers, including providing water and food and informing them of the flight information in time. The service counter was also open for transferring or refunding tickets.