David Bowie Exhibition at NYC Museum Offers $2,500 Ticket

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NEW YORK - A highly anticipated New York City museum show highlighting the life and work of David Bowie will feature exclusive perks for those willing to pay $2,500 for a ticket.
The Brooklyn Museum's "David Bowie is" exhibition will run from March 2 to July 15, and the institution will forgo its suggested pricing for entrance in favor of a mandatory $20 weekday entrance fee and $25 on weekends. The Wall Street Journal reports the museum will also offer an "Aladdin Sane" ticket -- named for the 1973 Bowie album -- for $2,500.
The ticket will offer the buyer private access to the exhibition, alongside a host of other exclusive benefits.
Brooklyn Museum President David Berliner says this is the first time the museum will offer special exhibition tickets with different perks.