Dale County Commission comes up with mobile morgue remedy

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — Dale County is making a change to their morgue operation – and it’s going mobile.

The County Commission has invested in a MERC or Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System.

Dale County’s morgue was previously housed at Dale Medical Center in Ozark. However, it wasn’t adequately cooling and prompted the change.

The new trailer-mounted morgue offers several advantages. It cools using chemicals and a generator. It can be turned off when not in use, therefore giving the county a power bill savings.

The MERC unit can also be relied upon in disaster response where there is a mass casualty situation.

“We can actually pull it to a scene and hook it up and run it off of a generator and take care of it that way,” said Blankenship. “We plan on right now this being parked at the jail. There may be some options later where we can park it at the hospital as well.”

Blankenship says the new MERC morgue system, including equipment, will cost the county about $17,000.