Counterfeit bills and how to spot a fake

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Counterfeit money around the holidays. Cash gets circulated frequently, and included in that are reports of fake bills.

There have been reports of fake money circulating throughout the Wiregrass. In the Dothan area alone, there have been more than 30 crimes involving counterfeit money this year.

The counterfeits are nearly indistinguishable from the real bills, save for some security details that make a dollar bill genuine.

Investigator Erik Broten of the Dothan Police Department says that you can spot a fake "If you hold the bill up to the light, you can see a strip in the center of the bill, and you can also see a face of which president it is. A Lot of the criminals are smart, and they'll find businesses around town that don't pay attention, Or they'll find a cashier that's not paying attention and they don't mark the bill and it'll later get caught at the bank."

Another way you can check to make sure your money isn't counterfeit is to look at the bill and make sure it doesn't say "motion picture use only."

The $20 bill is the most common bill forged in the United States, with the $100 bill being the most popular to counterfeit abroad.