Commissioner says dangerous road bigger problem than expected

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HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WTVY) — In an email letter to residents Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe says that plans are being made to correct a dangerous stretch of Hwy 84. Shoupe says that a section Hwy 84 near the Houston-dale county line was improperly repaved, leading to dangerous conditions during rainy weather. According to Commissioner Shoupe the problem will be expensive to correct.


On December 6 of last year, I sent out an announcement that I had reason to suspect a flaw in Highway 84 that caused dangerous conditions near the Houston County/Dale County line during wet weather. That suspected flaw was later confirmed by ALDOT. Now it seems the problem is larger than initially expected.

Yesterday, I learned the local ALDOT office has submitted plans to do cross slope corrections for multiple points in both directions along the highway where it transitions from a normal slope to a banked curve. Those transitions, they now believe, were not done correctly during resurfacing.

The plans are now being checked by the main ALDOT office in Montgomery. Funds must also be identified for the project as it will be very expensive.

I'll update you further when additional information is available. In the mean time, please continue to use caution when approaching the Houston County/Dale County line on Highway 84 from either direction.

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