Colquitt Police crack down on littering

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COLQUITT, Ga. (WTVY) One town in Miller County, Georgia is taking drastic measures to crackdown on trash and the people who leave it behind.

Jack Cowart's family has been in Colquitt for 8 generations.

He says,
"Colquitt is a tourism town, we have Swamp Gravy and people come from all over."

He owns Jack's Karate right next to Mike’s General Store and they say it's sad to see what the area has become.

Police Chief Hollis Smith says,
"That parking lot has been a parking lot for teenagers for as long as I have been here."

Cowart says,
"I guess a lot of these kids didn't have the energy to use the trash cans, and it just got to be a real problem."

So Chief Smith posted on Facebook last week saying they would write tickets to people who are hanging out in the parking lot or littering.

And it worked.

He says after seeing the post on social media, several kids from the high school came to clean it up.

"I'm hoping they will learn, and I want to make sure our kids can come back and hang out but we have to keep the area clean."

As of now, they haven’t had to write any tickets.