Cold fronts have minor impact on insects and pests

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - People hoping that Alabama's recent cold snap will mean fewer mosquito bites, fire ant mounds or cockroaches in the kitchen in 2018 are likely to be disappointed.

Most of the state's insects probably handled the recent weather just fine, according to entomologists at the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

“Some insects are cold blooded animals. So they have to evolve with multiple strategies to deal with cold over winter -- some insects.. when the temperature drops to certain points.. they go into hibernation. So they either hide in protective warm locations or they move to warm areas.” -- Dr. Xing Ping Hu, Entomologist

Bottom line, the recent cold snaps have not been long enough nor cold enough to make a significant difference of insects in our population -- so the bugs are here to stay.