Clorox 360 offers a quick way to decon after flu

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Wintersville, Ohio (WTRF / CBS Newspath) -- As sickness from the flu continues throughout the nation, a southeastern Ohio company touts a new machine to sanitize offices and classrooms with bleach.

The manufacturer calls it the “Clorox 360.”

It eliminates spraying and wiping down surfaces. Instead, a bleach mist solution penetrates 360 degrees around an infected area – killing any bacteria or virus from MRSA to influenza, to the common cold.

But company workers say the speed and efficiency give them an advantage in disinfecting large spaces.

The Clorox 360 can cover 18-thousand square feet in an hour.

The two add the Clorox 360 also has no down time. That means a school can be sprayed in the morning, with students arriving soon after.

Studies suggest students lose an average of 164 million school days due to illnesses.