City of Dothan to hire attorneys in credit card data breach

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Dothan, AL (WTVY)-- Dothan commissioners will likely hire attorneys to represent the city in a data breach that potentially affected several thousand of its utilities customers.

“A resolution will be presented to the Commissioners regarding an authorization for engaging the law firm of Mullen Coughlin LLC. to represent the City of Dothan,” spokesperson Vincent Vincent said in a news release Wednesday.

Central Square, that operates online payment portal Click2Gov, first acknowledged to the city that a breach likely occurred between August and October of this year, according to Dothan IT Director Jack Mason.

However, Central Square has since told Mason it cannot confirm that breach despite claims by numerous customers that they have been victimized.

One expert said his research shows many cards were hacked and personal information, including credit card numbers and three digit security codes, stolen.

“There were over four thousand (cards) compromised,” said Stas Alforov, researcher for Gemini Advisory, a highly-respected online security firm.

Central Square declined a request for comment by WTVY.

The city has cyber insurance that would cover losses incurred by the city. The law firm of Mullen Coughlin LLC could also represent Dothan if the situation with Central Square becomes adversarial.

“This is a fluid situation and as new information becomes available, the City of Dothan will provide timely updates,” Vincent said.

City commissioners will vote Tuesday whether to employ legal counsel.