Christmas Tree Craft is serving a greater purpose this holiday season in Early County

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BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) - A handful of ladies in Blakely are creating something special to shed some light during this holiday season.
One of the ladies is hoping to give back the joy she's been given.

A small Christmas craft was given as a door prize a few weeks back.
It now serves a greater good.
Janie Thomas, Administrative Assistant with the Early County Museum says:
"Our whole purpose is to preserve the heritage of early county and to promote for future generations."

Janie came up with the idea for a 'Postcard' Christmas tree.
She uses simple household items.
Thomas continues with:
"This is something that I mean it looks like a little whatever but it does hold a lot of meaning for people here because it has these vintage postcards which we just have boxes full of."

She’s showing others how to make them live again…
Five ladies came to her first class, all with different stories.
One, whose Christmas won't be quite as happy this year…

Aldene Lee who is a participant says:
“I did lose my son this year, in the war in Iraq and I have to fill in some empty spots so this will make a difference."
"That's what that supposed to be helping me do today, fill up just a little bit."

Even when we're hurting, Lee tells us we always have something to give.
"My niece was called the bucket lady, she always said that if you keep your bucket filled then you have something to give somebody else and I think that's what we've got to do."

Her story is encouraging many in Early County.
"That's probably the beauty of this is taking something and turning it into something else that we can continue to enjoy and use."

Janie Thomas says that if you are interested in making a Christmas tree of your own, stop by the Early County Museum and she will show you how.