Chattahoochee State Park closes permanently

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GORDON, Ala. (WTVY) -- Chattahoochee State Park announced on Facebook the park is closing permanently.

The park took a direct hit from the eye wall of Hurricane Michael last October. The then category three hurricane significantly destroyed nearly all of the trees, and damaged the facilities in the park.

Houston County Commission chairman Mark Culver said they put in a request to partner with the state to replace the damaged facilities in the park. The state does not have the money to fund repairs to the park.

Houston County Commissioners are finalizing their budget for the coming fiscal year. Currently no money has been allocated for Chattahooche State Park.

The next step is to look into getting grants to fund the rebuilding process, but Culver isn't overly optimistic those will come through.

Even if the funds came in to rebuild the damaged facilities, the extensive tree damage is still an issue that cannot be easily fixed. The trees cannot all be replaced. Nature will have to replace the damaged trees over the next several years.

Culver does not think people will want to come to a park that still has tree damage to the extent that Chattahoochee State Park currently has.

Houston County officials estimate that repairs to Chattahoochee State Park would cost a quarter of a million dollars.