Charitable groups trying to meet holiday demands, but still need help

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — With Christmas less than three weeks away, local organizations are asking people to get in the giving mood.

They're short of what they need to help those less fortunate during the holiday season.

WTVY spoke with four organizations around town, and they all have one thing in common -- to help others for the greater good.

The Wiregrass United Way, SARCOA, the Salvation Army, and the Wiregrass Food Bank are all trying to meet holiday needs, but some still need a lot of the help to pull it off.

At SARCOA with four days to go on their Santa For Seniors program there are still fifty seniors waiting to be adopted.

Jessica Barefield says, "This is a special project SARCOA does but, it's totally dependent on the generosity of the Wiregrass. We're always so thankful and excited to see the all the Wiregrass come together, and adopt seniors. And, we always get our seniors covered and we're hoping to do that again this year."

But seniors aren't the only ones who could use a helping hand. The Salvation Army says their numbers are better this year. Fewer people need help.

Lieutenant Austin Sturdivant said, "We’re down to 337 this year. A lot of that is due to the budgeting class they've been taking, through the Salvation Army. It’s helped them to figure out how to save the money they need for Christmas.”

And the Salvation Army's red kettle campaign is up $80,000 compared to last year.

"I challenge everybody to ring one day because the impact ringing the bell one day can have on the community," says Lt. Sturdivant.

However, don't forget the basics of a Christmas meal. Which is where the Wiregrass Food Bank comes in. But due to Hurricane Michael, they're low on supplies.

Executive Director for the food bank David Hanks said, “Right now we're not seeing the can goods that we usually get from the food drives. Locally there are a lot of food drives going on and we hope those will produce the inventory we need. "

And that's also the mission of the United Way.

CEO of United Way Walter Hill said, “The goal 2019 is to maintain and keep these forty-two organizations open, so they can be here for us. We don't want to only raise money when there's a storm. We need them here throughout the year.

Many of these charitable organizations will face giving deadlines in the next few days.

However on Thursday, December 6th outside the WTVY station it’s the Miracle on Foster food drive helping the Wiregrass Area Food Bank. We’ll be here from 6:30 in the morning till 6:30 at night.