Carver Magnet School holds fifth annual Career-A-Thon Friday

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Dothan, AL (WTVY) - For some of us, this newscast is one of many we've done in past few hours.
That's because we started broadcasting early at Carver Magnet School's career day.

Lights, camera, action...
Carver Magnet Middle School kicked off its fifth annual Career-A-Thon this morning.
Misti Wood, Co-Chair Career-A-Thon says:
"This year they're going to learn about aviation and military, they will learn about plant operation, of course TV and broadcast journalism; they're going to also learn about computer technology and about tourism and hospitality."

Several of our news team talked about their broadcast experience - giving students a firsthand view behind the scenes.
Ryan Callahan, who is 7th grader says:
"I was kind of looking forward to this because I've always wondered how the setup was whenever you saw it on the screen it was just one small box now that I see it out here and all of the cameras and all of the setup- the green screen, tables, microphones, the's really exciting."
Kennedi Johnson and Mattie Dodson, who are 8th graders say:
"We got a real sense of you what you do, I don't really think any of us knew I think just thought it was there and it was pretty cool."

Parents say middle school is the key age for students to be exposed to different career fields.
"So it gets them thinking when they get to high school and they have to say okay am I looking at a vocation or a trade or college, they sort of have an idea of things they're interested in."

And these kids took it all in.
Heath Cody and Jaylyn Hicks, who are 7th graders say:
"I do think it's important because it might help you make up your mind for what you want to achieve for the rest of your life."
Kennedi Johnson also says:
"I think it's important because we need to learn about careers that we want to do when we grow up and like be able to know what we're going to do when we get out of high school."
Camryn Benson, who is an 8th grader says:
"I think it's really important because we're going into high school soon and that's when you need to start thinking about what college you want to go to and what majors you want to go into."

With an end goal in letting students know their future is bright...
Wood finishes with:
"Anytime you can involve the parents, the community, and your students it's a win because it shows the students that you care enough about them to not only just drop them off at school but that you are here with're investing in their education and you want them to succeed."

Our team was one of six professions to share their knowledge.